Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the capacity of the U-Drive Bus Rentals vehicles?
A: Bus – 24 passengers plus the driver / Vans – 14 passengers plus the driver

Q: Is smoking permitted in U-Drive Bus Rentals vehicles?
A: No.

Q: Is alcohol permitted in the U-Drive Bus Rentals vehicles?
A: The Manitoba Liquor Control Act prohibits open alcohol in any motorized vehicle.

Q: Are the U-Drive Bus Rentals vehicles gas or diesel?
A: Buses – Gas / Vans – Gas

Q: Is the fuel included in the rental?
A: No. You get the bus or van full of fuel and you return the vehicle full of fuel(must be filled up in Morden).

Q: What do the U-Drive Bus Rentals vehicles get for fuel mileage?
A: Buses – 8-10 mpg(plan your trip at 8 miles to the gallon) Vans – 12-15 mpg

Q: What is the height of the bus?
A: The bus requires 10.5 feet of clearance.

Q: Can U-Drive Bus Rentals vehicles travel into the USA?
A: Yes our buses and vans are MPI insured to travel into the USA.

Q: What class of license is required to drive U-Drive Bus Rentals vehicles?
A: 24 passenger bus – class 4 license / 14 passenger van – class 4 license

Q: Is a driver included with the vehicle rental?
A: No. Our vehicles are strictly a U-Drive rental.

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